Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit,
I will be brief

(Shakespeare, Hamlet)

Welcome to Cultour Eventmanagement!

Cultour Eventmanagement was founded in 1996 and has quickly established itself as one of the leading DMCs in the Rhineland. From the very beginning we focussed on high quality group travel, incentives, conferences, events and cruise programmes. A few years later the company was transformed into a limited liability company and the success story continued.

Since 1996 Cultour organises:

  • Event marketing - conception and implementation
  • Staff parties & customer relationship events
  • Organisation of Kick-off meetings/Corporate Meetings
  • Organisation of conventions, meetings and congresses
  • Product launches
  • Incoming: hotel reservations / guided sightseeing tours
  • Individual guest care and VIP delegation support in Düsseldorf, Cologne and other regions
  • Exclusive tourism trips in North-Rhine-Westphalia, for example to Cologne,
    the Rhine Valley (UNESCO World heritage) or the Middle Rhine region with castle tours and wine tasting.
  • All kind of teambuilding activities in Germany and other European countries
  • Incentives in Germany and other European countries

One of our main strengths is, that we specialize on the perfect selection of locations for the wished events. On the basis of our author activity for different famous publishing houses, among them also the Polyglott-Langenscheidt-Verlag, we have an outstanding archive of more than 800 checked locations for all kinds of events.In 2017 we have written another book about Cologne in English.

Organisation of Meetings and Congresses (MICE)

Events really work. The fascination of the events immediately affects the target group. We create a space in which to experience the event with all one's emotions and senses - this is how companies, brands and products achieve greater loyalty and differentiation under tough competition. With its understanding of the needs and requirements of the market, Cultour Eventmanagement will always provide a tailor-made event that fits like a glove. And, at the same time, we provide professional ideas, development, planning and realization from a single source.

Successful live communication events require not just perfect, effective realization but also two other key ingredients: a strategically sound base and a creative, intelligently conceived theme. Cultour Eventmanagement provides both - with its team of consultants who have spent years gathering knowledge of industry and agency work and an excellent Creative Department. This guarantees well thought-out ideas and efficient realization, taking into account all the requirements of state-of-the-art corporate and brand communication.

The result is creative marketing events, incentives and promotion which are all ideally interlinked with other communication measures. In keeping with the brand image. Unmistakable and sustainable Relationship Management. Resulting in hard-hitting sales promotion with high recognition value.


As a member of several Incoming-Groups, we are able to offer you a wide range of national and international hotels for your reservation. Are you searching for a suitable hotel for conferences, meetings or family parties?

You will be happy to find the appropriate hotel to your event, for we have immediate access to roundabout 400 hotels, national as much as international.

It will be for your benefit to rely on our experience and to consider our convenient special rates, which we are proud to have acquired throughout the years when booking these hotels.

For example, theses are our partners:

  • Steigenberger Parkhotel, Düsseldorf
  • Hyatt, Düsseldorf and Cologne
  • Hilton, Düsseldorf
  • Maritim/Köln and Bonn
  • Nikko, Düsseldorf
  • Interconti Hotel
  • Breidenbacher Hof Capella
  • Crown Plaza, Düsseldorf-Neuss

Eventmarketing, Company and family celebrations

A classical part of our agency's work is the arrangement and organisation of company celebrations and classical eventmarketing.

Here, we care about the whole package: The first concept, the invitation cards, the selection of appropriate locations, the bookings of hotel rooms for the guests, the organisation of the catering, and of course the professional supervision and the perfect realisation of your event!

For the above mentioned preparations it is an enormous advantage that Cultour can rely on a professional network. We rely on long-time experienced and proven partners from all over Europe. For almost a quarter of a century, it has been proven time and again: experience and fairness are the guarantee for successful events.

For example this picture shows you how Cultour Eventmanagement realized an attractive event in Düsseldorf for more than 230 participants.

This location is one of the most famous museums in Duesseldorf. The challenge here was that Cultour only had 3 hours to carry out all the necessary conversion work. All sound and lighting equipment had to be installed and of course approved by the authorities. A smart "room-in-room" installation was specially made for this event to make the foyer of the museum more comfortable for the guests. Also the catering had to be adapted and planned to the special conditions and requirements.

Individual sightseeing trips

One of our specialties are our individual guided tours, which are offered for Düsseldorf, Zons, Cologne, Bonn and many more cities in Nordrhein-Westfalen and Rheinland-Pfalz. Due to our close network with many other agencies that offer guided tours, we are further capable of covering all parts of Germany since 2001.
Very important for us is the appealing presentation of the given information, so that our customers are not bored but interested. This means, that we don't try to cram as many dry year dates as possible into your head but that we attempt to transfer the knowledge via historical maps, pictures and documents, as well as through exciting anecdotes and stories.

In the implementation of these tours, we are helped above all by our long-standing contacts with individual providers from the tourism industry.
Furthermore, it should not remain unmentioned that we have published several travel books.

We offer trips to other german and European regions, for example:

    The UNESCO worldheritage: The romantic Rhinevalley





    Alsace/ France



    If you look for a guided tour for your company, it is understood that we conform to your wishes. Furthermore, it has to be checked individually whether you need a bus or a ship transfer for the tour.

    One of our clients wrote in 2018:

    "My son and I want to thank you for being such a great tour guide. We very much enjoyed the tour in Dusseldorf and wish we could have stayed much longer."

    Welcome to our city-rallye!

    This event could be explained as a scavenger hunt, which leads through one of the German or European cities, which is chosen by our clients. The number of participants is not really limited, but normally it varies between 15 - 90 people. We already accomplished these rallyes in many cities like for example:

    Cologne, Hamburg, Mainz, Zons und Kaiserswerth, Straßburg/France, Munich, Bavaria, Berlin

    We offer:

    • organisation
    • city maps
    • correcting the answer sheets
    • award ceremony
    • winner certificates

    It is a rallye (on foot) through the historical center of the chosen city and you will learn the history, stories and curios while you walk through it. You could say, that it's "learning by doing"! For that, the participants will be splitted into several groups and have to fulfill different tasks in the center of the city on the basis of purpose-formulated questionnaires. Especially for conventions, this "game" is very helpful, because the members get to know each other more closly. Some of the big companies, which realised these rallyes with us are: Ericsson, General Electric, Henkel, BAYER, SAP, etc. However, these rallyes are also suitable for leisure time travellers, other corporate events, teambuilding or just to have fun!

    Afterwards, there is normally a dinner in a brewery or in another cosy restaurant. There, the arward ceremony takes placeand the teams will get their winner certificates. If this catched your interest, just contact us via mail or phone, so that we can offer you an individual quote.

    By the way: At Christmas time, we offer special Christmas rallyes on the atmospheric markets in Germany. This would be something different, wouldn't it?


    One of the tasks of Cultour Event Management is the complete organization of a car rally with real classic cars. The routes are located throughout Germany and other European countries. This also includes the development of an individual route with roadbooks for the participants and the entire logistics, such as hotel accommodation and attractive break stations. The route is followed several times in advance in order to find the most optimal route.
    At some stations the guests had to complete special driving tests and tasks to improve their score. Of course, the physical well-being is not neglected either.
    Throughout the entire rally, which was expressly not driven "on time", a service car and a replacement vehicle were always in use.


    One of the key aspects of a successful event is the perfect choice of the location.

    One of the main strengths of CulTour is the extensive knowledge about around 260 approved and tested locations within Germany and the adjoining European countries.

    Due to our work as author for big travel publishing houses, we can offer our customers a large variety of locations, which can't be found in every catalogue. Moreover, many TV and film production companies engage us regularly as locationscouts to find the right setting for their work.

    • Vaults
    • Party barns
    • Estates
    • Beer gardens
    • Innovative Locations (discotheques & museum)
    • Exclusive rooms and halls
    • Castles and palaces
    • Boats
    • Other top-locations
    • Showrooms

    If you still don't find the right location under our examples, please contact us, so that we can consider your wishes and hopefully compose the perfect offer for you!

    Teambuilding & Incentives

    The objective of a teambuilding programme must always be to:

    • .. build
    • .. motivate
    • .. enhance the cohesion
    • .. and to strengthen efficiently and effectively

    Since 1997 we concern ourselves with this thesis of the personal management in our events.

    Our customers expect from us:the perfect organisation, clear calculation, and measurable profit

    New targets, new structures or new business segments have to be communicated clearly to the staff. Together with our professional trainer we can achieve this objective effectively and fast. If you plan your next event - just contact us and we will be pleased to give you appropriate offering, which will be adjusted to the special conditions of your company.

    Incentives in Germany and worldwide

    Since 1999 we further offer high quality incentiv tours. Therefore, we cooperate with german and European DMC´s, who are familiar with the particular destinations and who possess attractive supporting programmes.

    We can organise absolutely anything for you, because we set no limits on meeting your every wish, for example:

    Incoming VIP service, individual sightseeing trips and guided tours, design of full-day programmes for tourists, social activities programmes for conferences etc., events, chauffeur-driven limousines, coach service, hotel and restaurant. For our clients, we coordinate tourism offers with the wishes of guests and provide information on sightseeing and tourism services.

    Apart from the offers in Germany, we offer further:

    • Incentives in Mallorca, Spain,
    • South France
    • Sweden and Norway, fishing and canoeing
    • Southwest Africa, Namibia
    • Cyprus and different rallyes & scavenger hunts through forests, castles and vineyards in Germany