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Heidelberg is considered the epitome of German Romanticism.
The city and especially the imposing Renaissance castle have always attracted many visitors from all over the world. And quite rightly so! No other city in Germany exudes as much charm and cosiness as this pearl on the Neckar River.

Today, the historic old town is one of the most beautiful in the whole of Germany. Winding alleyways, cosy pubs and restaurants and, last but not least, the impressive palace of the Palatine counts - all this makes Heidelberg one of the most worthwhile destinations in Europe!
The old town, with the university founded in 1386, reflects the different eras of more than 500 years. Virtually undestroyed during the war, visitors will find a unique atmosphere here that can best be described with the word "romantic".

An absolute highlight is Heidelberg Castle. The ruined castle towers majestically over the roofs of the old town. For five centuries, the Electors of the Palatinate resided there. Today, the mysterious castle captivates several million tourists every year. The castle is one of the most famous ruins in Germany and the city's landmark. The true size of the complex only becomes apparent to visitors once they have taken the rack railway up the mountain.

Mark Twain described Heidelberg Castle in his 1878 book A Tramp Abroad as follows:
"To look good, a ruin must have the right location. This one could not have been more favourably situated." You can't put it any more beautifully than that!

Heidelberg Video

But there are also many other sights around Heidelberg:

  • Museum of Technology in Sinsheim, see pic.

  • Impressive cruises on the river Neckar

  • The historic old towns of Speyer and Worms

  • A fast ride on the "Hockenheimring" race track

  • Hiking in the forests of the Palatinate region

  • Wine tasting in the famous wine-growing region
    of the Palatinaten

  • Visit many cosy little historic villages in the area


You can find even more impressions of Heidelberg Castle here:

    Heidelberg Video


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