Stadtrallye in Dsseldorf
The event agency Cultour designs your
city rally in Duesseldorf, Neuss, Cologne or wherever you want!

A customised city rally organised by the event agency Cultour is an excellent way to explore a city in a completely "different" way. Such city rallies are especially suitable as classic team-building measures. But also at the end of a strenuous conference, these city rallies have proven to be an excellent communicative element in recent years. Our clients are happy to use such a city rally as an interesting alternative to a guided city tour.

Cultour Eventmanagement works out an individual road book with the client. This is then used by the individual teams to find their way through the respective city. General knowledge questions are asked, but also funny puzzles and curious questions have to be solved by the participants in a given time. Furthermore, the city rally, for example in Cologne and Dusseldorf, also offers active stations where the participants have to face very special challenges. Fun and team spirit are the top priorities here.

On request, we can also integrate questions and tasks that may relate to specific conference content into the city rally and thus provide an interesting and innovative refresher, innovative refresher. At the end, there is a humorous award ceremony, usually including a rustic snack, in a previously selected location, such as a traditional brewery.

A city rally organised by the event agency Cultour means:

- Strengthening the team spirit
- Promotion of communication
- Colleagues become partners
- Creative cooperation of all participants
- an innovative alternative to a city tour
- and above all a lot of fun

The event agency Cultour Eventmanagement has over 25 years of experience in the creative design and successful implementation of such city rallies in Cologne and Dusseldorf. Today, the event agency organises such city rallies in more than 20 cities for 10 to 300 people! Besides the cities of Cologne or Dusseldorf, such city rallies are also regularly held in city rallies are also regularly held in: Strasbourg, Utrecht, Neuss, Zons, Berlin and Hamburg.

Cultour Eventmanagement is responsible for the entire preparation of the city rally, the necessary logistics, all transfer services and all reservations on site. Such city rallies are also often used by companies, keyword relocation, to present their future place of work to new employees.

In 2019 alone, more than 96 individual city rallies were successfully held in various cities.

We are also happy to work out your very own individual city rally!